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A Note from the Pastor's Desk
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Pastor Mike Mack
Senior Pastor,
Rev. Mike Mack
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It was not long ago that we were complaining about the rains of spring that extended further

into the summer than we thought they should. Then it quit raining, and we had lots of heat and sunshine so we complained about that extending past the time we felt it should.  The

temperatures begin to drop and we began to shiver already missing the warmth of the sun.  One could easily get the impression there’s no making us happy, and that’s probably correct.

            It is easy for us to forget that the changing of the seasons serve many purposes.  Most of us are no longer as aware of our dependence upon the bounty of the earth as we once were.  We need to remember

that if there were a catastrophic failure of crops worldwide for one year, even with the commodity reserves

of developed nations, the whole world would be thrown into a crisis that would be difficult to overcome.

            Having grown up on a farm and spent 18 years of my adult life of living by farming full-time, the arrival of fall and harvest still hold a special place in my heart.  I know farming has become much more business oriented since my change of careers.  However, as the green fields turn to earth tones of brown and gold something within me rejoices.  Harvest has come.

            The harvest, bringing in the bounty of the fields, is the culmination of efforts of the previous six or seven months of labor, care, and anticipation.  I’m told that for many farmers are experiencing a

disappointing harvest.  I know that’s all part of the equation that includes lean years and bumper crop years.  Farmers stick with it because there’s something that clicks in the soul as we cultivate the earth - the garden

in which we live.

            With the arrival fall, harvest, and the bounty of the fields we must remember that there is more going on than a mechanical process of tilling the earth, planting seeds, caring for crops, and the gathering of

 harvest.  A farmer can do everything right and still come up short, because so much of it is dependent upon the weather.

            After the world had been destroyed by a worldwide catastrophic flood, the ark came to rest upon a mountain.  All the creatures in the ark, including human beings, entered the natural world again from the security of the Noah’s ark. God made a promise, “As long as the earth endures, seedtime and harvest, cold

 and heat, summer and winter, day and night will never cease.” (Genesis 8:22) With the changing of the seasons we need to remember that this is simply God keeping his promise.

            It makes me wonder how many other things happen in the world around us and in our personal lives that we simply take for granted which are actually God fulfilling his promises.  Many of the fields around us have been gleaned, the blessing of God’s fulfilled promises are being gathered, and the commodities

produced are in storage or on their way to be processed into the food chain of humankind.  How many of us will enjoy at least three square meals a day without even really thinking about the miraculous process that has delivered food to our table, or the promise of God fulfilled.

            Near the end of November, we celebrate a holiday called “Thanksgiving,”.  For most of us it will include a much too large meal, followed by a football game, or a late-night trip to enjoy the bargains of

Black Friday. I challenge you this year at Thanksgiving as you partake of the bounty of food, enjoy the comfort of a warm home, experience the blessing of time with family, and embrace a different kind of

harvest on Black Friday to remember the source of these manifold blessings.  Recognize that all of this is the result of a faithful God who keeps his promises, and be thankful.    

                                                                                                            Blessings, Pastor Mike



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