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A Note from the Pastor's Desk
Pastor Bob Stull
Senior Pastor,
Rev. Bob Stull
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     Recently Ardyth and I were in Mt. Vernon mowing the yard at our house.  She was on the riding mower and I was cutting in.  We were a little pressed for time.  As I am mowing I see Ardyth has stopped and is pointing
across the street.  I could not hear her over the two mowers.  I thought maybe she was indicating the neighbor wanted something and honestly, I was trying to get done.  But I stopped my mower and looked across the street, prepared to talk.  What I saw was not a person but a deer standing in the yard.  I know we have deer in our neighborhood but it was unusual to see one that close in the neighbor’s yard.  I looked and resumed mowing.  Eventually it strolled across the street to another neighbor’s yard and then around a house.

            If not for Ardyth I would have missed it in my distracted and somewhat hurried state.  Yet it was right beside me practically.  I wonder how often God is trying to talk to us or show us something and we are too distracted and maybe stressed to hear or see.  God is always near and is always trying to interact with us. Does he have our attention?  There is an older song that asks God to “open our eyes that we might see”.  Do we need to pray that?  What might we be missing?



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