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A Note from the Pastor's Desk
Pastor Bob Stull
Senior Pastor,
Rev. Bob Stull
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I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. We had a great family gathering.  Due to everyone’s schedules we had ours on December 9th.  Everyone was able to be there.  We visited, had a good meal, exchanged presents, and did our Advent wreath as a family.  But a not unusual thing happened to me. I found a certain sadness as I began to clean up afterwards.  It has been great but now it was done. Everyone had returned to their everyday lives, as it should be.  But part of me wishes it could continue.

            This reminded me of something I have read several times before.  I am not sure but I think it might have been C.S. Lewis who noted it is no accident that nothing on this earth totally satisfies us.  It is actually a reminder that our total fulfillment is intended to come with God when this life is done.  This is what a follower of Jesus has to look forward to.  We can have memorable and enjoyable times here but there still is an incompleteness to them.  Maybe they don’t measure up to our expectation or they are too short. This world is not our home so it cannot totally satisfy.  So I will probably continue to experience Christmas as a great, long awaited event but feel a certain disappointment that it seems to be gone too quickly.  But I look forward to a day when great times will not have endings but continue on with Jesus and all who love him.  That will be sweet.

                                                            Have a blessed 2019!


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