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A Note from the Pastor's Desk
Pastor Bob Stull
Senior Pastor,
Rev. Bob Stull
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Worship service Sunday mornings 9:30 a.m.

Before long it will be Thanksgiving again. Fall seems to be moving along rather quickly. In thinking about this holiday I see how it can be helpful in correcting a problem I have seen before. In Romans 1;25 it notes how people had "worshiped and served created things rather than the creator." (NIV) There is a family in another town who has been blessed greatly with opportunities and materially that I have known a while. At one time they were involved with their church but now have basically become uninvolved it appears. I think if I asked them if they were thankful they would say yes but I wonder if they have let some of the blessings they have received push the giver to the side. They have a lot going on but if we let good things crowd out the time with God are we substituting them for the giver? God knows the facts but I just wonder. I also had lunch with family after Ohio State lost to Purdue and one person commented on an acquaintance who was so upset they did not go to church that Sunday. What would keep us from gathering with others to worship and thank God?

Thanksgiving can be a time to reflect on all the good we have received and God who gave those things to us. It can lead us to express our thanks and hopefully shift our attention from things we might wish we had but do not. But I also hope we can honestly look and see if we have allowed a gift or gifts from God to crowd him out of the place he should hold in our lives. It is more than just being in worship but that is a big clue. A line from a Natalie Grant song asks to "help me want the giver more than the giving." Maybe we need to check out if that is the case for us or not this Thanksgiving. I hope you have a blessed and joyful Thanksgiving. I thank God for Trinity.


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