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A Note from the Pastor's Desk
Pastor Bob Stull
Senior Pastor,
Rev. Bob Stull
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Worship service Sunday mornings 9:30 a.m.



            Recently on a relatively mild afternoon I was in the church and I noticed a young lady jog up the walk and by the door down into our parking lot.  She left and then returned with another lady who was joggling and pushing a baby carriage.  They both jogged down the parking lot and back out.  This led me to do some thinking.

            I don’t claim to know whether either or both of the ladies were involved with any church.  But they jogged right past a church several times.  There was no pause that would indicate they were thinking about what our building represented.  They certainly did not come up to the door and ask to come in.  They just jogged by.  The fact we were a church may not have even been on their minds.  We were a place with a nice sidewalk and parking lot that was good to run in.

            When Ardyth and I came to meet with the Staff-Parrish Committee nine years ago before we came here I shared with them the desire to figure out ways to get Jesus out of the building.  Actually, he already is, but wants us to join him.   These joggers remind me of that.  We cannot just stay here in our building and hope somehow people just decide to come and be with us.  Jesus did a lot of ministry away from the temple out where people were.  We have to go out where people are living their lives at work, in the neighborhood, at school, and at the games.  There we need to share what Jesus means to us, to look for ways to help others, and to share hope with a world that can seem low on that at this time. We are called to love people out where they are.  If they get to know us and that we care then maybe they will be interested in checking out where we worship and learn if invited. Maybe they won’t just drive or jog by.  I pray it would be so.



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