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A Note from the Pastor's Desk
Pastor Bob Stull
Senior Pastor,
Rev. Bob Stull
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Lent will be here shortly (Ash Wednesday is March 6). The purpose of Lent is to look at our how our following Jesus is going as we prepare to remember and celebrate his awesome death for us and resurrection.  Something striking me is the need for our lives to match what we say we believe.  In Matthew 16, Jesus asks the disciples who people say he is.  After some answers he then asks who they say he is.  Peter speaks up that Jesus is the Messiah, God’s chosen one, the Son of God (Vs. 16).  Jesus affirms Peter’s description and notes it came from God the Father.  All well and good.  But after this Jesus speaks about suffering in Jerusalem, being killed, and rising again.  Peter again speaks but now he tells the one he has called the King that is not what is going to happen.  To be clear he says “Never Lord” (Vs 22).  Jesus immediately rebukes him in no uncertain terms.  He then goes on to say anyone who wishes to be his disciple must take up his cross and follow him.

            So there is the problem, which is not just one for Peter.  He proclaims Jesus is the King and then later tells Jesus what Jesus will or won’t do.  Peter’s motives are not evil but Jesus has sympathy for that.  What about us?  If I ask if we believe Jesus is God’s Son the Savior and Lord of the world, will we say yes?  Hopefully yes.  But then are we like Peter affirming Jesus is Lord but doing what we want instead of his will?  We may have a number of ‘good’ reasons why we do that but Jesus looks at them like he did Peter’s well-meaning directions.  So, this Lent I encourage us all to ask ourselves if we are living what we say we believe.  If we say Jesus is Lord is that what our choices show?  What might we need to change this Lent?







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