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"Our mission is to be a Spirit-filled community that worships God, leads people to Jesus, and helps them grow through authentic relationships, Biblical truth and Christ-like service."

Trinity UMC Worship Schedule and Studies

Worship of God:
We are having worship services in the Sanctuary and live on Facebook, Sundays at 9:30 AM.

Sunday School:
The Adult Sunday School class meets on Sundays,

Church Directory Application for Phone:
There is an app available for our church directory. It is very helpful and easy to install and use on your cell phone or computer. You will have access to all the contact information for people in the directory and will be able to tap to call or email those persons. It also provides a function to access a GPS map and directions. You will find instructions on how to download the app for both android and iPhone users in this newsletter. You will need your unique identifying password to have access to the app. If you have not already received that via email, please contact the church office and we will send that identifier to you.

Choir practice has resumed on Wednesdays at 6:30 pm.
All are welcome - sopranos, altos, tenors, and basses

Kid's Bells
Kid's Bells are not currently meeting due to Covid 19
Kid's Bells Wednesday at 6:40 pm.

Bell Choir: Bell Choir practice on Wednesday
There is no Bell Choir practice due to Covid 19

Band Pep Rally
It's back! It's back! Yes-the Madison High School Ram Marching Band and the Mansfield Senior High Tygers Marching Band will hold a Pep Rally at Trinity on Friday, October 21st, at 5:30 pm before the game. The bands will gather outside (inside if the weather is bad) and play. The Flags and Majorettes will perform as well! After the bands are done playing-hotdogs, chips, cookies, and water will be available to all!

Trinity-we are going to need some help with food and servers. Sign-up sheets will be put up soon-please watch for them. We'll be asking for donations of buns, cookies, water, and small bags of chips plus money for the hotdogs (so they are the same).

This has always been a fun activity! Please come out, join us for some great music, good food and maybe even head over to the game when we're done! Looking forward to a great time!!

Laughs & Crafts
Every other Tuesday at 1:30 PM
Laughs & Crafts is not meeting currently due to social distancing.
We will update you when they begin to meet again.

Can't pray? First rest!
Can't pray? First rest!

Weariness can seriously hamper our attempts to pray, says Bonnie Gray, author of Whispers of Rest. "We are a generation who doesn't know how to express our souls to God, even though we drive ourselves exhausted, doing for Jesus." The solution, she says, is to stop and rest.

The stressed-out, despairing prophet in 1 Kings 19 is a prime example. "God knew Elijah needed physical rejuvenation first - in order to hear his gentle voice, whispering in a gentle breeze," Gray notes. Guarding against the depletion of spiritual, physical, and emotional resources can improve our ability to hear God's voice, too. "When you find it's hard to pray, don't be afraid," says Gray. "You're standing at the very cusp of who God longs to connect with. The real you. Take the time to rest. You're worth it."

Choir Practice
Choir practice has resumed.

Wednesdays from 6 - 7 pm.
New members are always welcome!
Sopranos, altos, tenors, and basses.
Come and join the fun!!

Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday!

1-1, April Klein
1-3, Tom Remllong
1-4, Bert Northrup
1-5, Jessica Konczak
1-5, John Valentine
1-6, Melanie Reynolds
1-7, Chuck Bowman
1-7, Christin Konczak
1-7, Barb McMichael
1-8, Mark Phillips
1-8, Nate Phillips
1-9, Brandon Weber
1-12, Beth Williams
1-15, Brian Moore
1-17, Josh Scarbury
1-18, Rosemary Bentley
1-18, Wally Weber
1-19, Paige Darling
1-20, Melva Phillips
1-22, Dick Gahm
1-23, Rick Basting
1-23, Sue Harbaugh
1-23, Peg Remllong
1-23, Mary Stake
1-28, Shirley Barry
1-28, Mary Frazier

Missions of the Month
Check out the missions for this month. Visit our Missions page.

Women's Bible Study
The Women's Bible Study is not currently meeting to Covid 19 and social distancing restrictions

Men's Bible Study
The Men's Bible Study is not currently meeting due to social distancing restrictions and Covid 19

Call to Prayer
Please pray for our Worship and Sunday School

We thank all who volunteered their time and talents to serve with ministries and committees here at Trinity.
We couldn't do what we do without you.