Conard House

Conard House Assisted Living Facility
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Did you know...

There is a Worship Team from Trinity that has been going to the Conard House Assisted Living Facility each month to provide a time of worship; singing hymns, prayer, messages, Bible study, communion and prayers to receive Jesus as Savior for 12 years now? It currently consists of Laura Stake, Cathie Wertz, Barb Weston, Tina Zellner and Cathy Boyer.

When Covid hit in March, as you know, no visitors, no mail, no gifts were allowed inside the facility. But we could pray, and pray we did. Our hearts broke as we thought of the men and women we'd come to know and love who were locked inside, lonely and scared.

Finally in July we were allowed to send by mail or drop off to Conard House cards and/or gifts for the residents. Staff would hold those a couple of days before they distributed them to the residents per Covid safe practice at that time. Several of us made up vases of flowers for each of the residents and attached a personal note of encouragement and scripture, called ahead, then dropped those off.

In August Tina Zellner asked several of the ladies at Trinity, some a part of the worship team and some not, to send a card or letter weekly to the 2 or 3 residents on their list. Up through today, Tina and her twin sister, Tammy Mowry, have seen to it that each resident at Conard House receives cards bi-weekly, at a minimum, reminding them God has not forgotten them and neither have we.

In September, after calling a few days ahead and receiving permission, three members of Trinity purchased enough pizza for all the staff and all the residents. We thought it was time for a pizza party amidst this awful pandemic. Tina and Tammy wrote a personal thank you note to each of the staff and let them know Trinity was keeping all the front line workers in our prayers.

In October, we made up bags of chocolate bars (known to be a favorite treat) for the residents.

Fall goody bags were made up and delivered in November, along with large print devotionals.

In December the Administrative Council/Council on Ministries approved the purchase of one $50 Kroger gift card for each staff member. Each staff member was given a personalized Christmas card with a handwritten note and a $50 Kroger gift card tucked inside from Trinity. Decorative plates of Christmas cookies were provided to each resident topped with a Christmas card containing a nativity ornament.

In January the Laughs and Crafts group made blankets for them, and we included some personal care items also - shampoo, shaving cream, razors, deodorant, etc.

Valentine gift bags were made and delivered in February.

Easter Baskets were made up for them, with a personalized Easter card inside, such as they probably made up for their children. Our prayer is it will spark some happy memories of time with family, Easter worship, Easter parades, and most importantly, comforting thoughts of how Jesus took our sin, died in our place and rose again, so that we who believe in Him shall live with him eternally in our heavenly home.

In April ceramic crosses were purchased with one of God's loving promises on each.

Notes of encouragement, hope and love from God's Holy Word are included with each and every gift.

In late fall Trinity received a call from James, a resident of Conard House, who wanted to talk with Becky and thank her for all the beautiful cards he receives from her. He assumed Becky was one of Trinity's secretaries and that she had been assigned this task, but he didn't understand why. How grateful I was to God for opening that door, "why." I was privileged to be at the church that early evening and answer that phone call. I knew Becky was out of town for a few days, but I couldn't wait to tell her upon her return. James couldn't say enough about the beautiful, hand-made cards - for him! And the beautiful words inside - for him! Prayers prayed -- specifically for him! I walked on clouds for two days after that phone call.

Trinity received this thank you note in February: "Thankful and grateful! Your church has been supportive to my mom (Dana Deadmond) during her stay at the Conard House. Sadly, mom passed January 27, 2021. I'm thankful for the outreach at Trinity. The cards sent with scripture and special notes were much appreciated by her and me. Many blessings, Denise Browning."

We covet your prayers for not only the folks living at Conard House but for all those in Assisted Living Facilities and Nursing Homes. It is a difficult time in their lives. They will be meeting Jesus soon. Sadly, some do not know Jesus yet. Some are wondering where they'll be spending eternity.

If you would like to send cards to residents of Conard and help with this ministry, let Tina Zellner know. We didn't know a year ago when we started sending cards weekly that a year later there would still be visitation restrictions and the card ministry would still be ongoing; but now is not the time to stop. We invite you to join us!

Also, if you individually, or a group you are in, would like to provide a little something one month to help the residents stay focused on Jesus, to reassure them of the promises of God, to lift their spirits, to bring smiles to their faces, let Cathy Boyer know. We welcome your help!

Let us know if once restrictions are lifted and the monthly worship begins again if you'd like to be a part of the team. We want you to be blessed the way we have been!