Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg Hunt
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The Most Frequently Asked Questions This Month:

Question:   How many Easter Baskets were given away this year?

Answer:    600

Question:   How many were given to the children who came to the Trinity Family Easter Celebration?

Answer:     30

Question:   What about Trinity’s children who couldn’t attend March 20th’s special event?

Answer:     8 of Trinity’s children who could not come to the Trinity Family Easter Celebration were personally given Easter Baskets the week following.

Question:   How many Easter Baskets were distributed the day of the Madison Community Drive-Thru Easter Celebration on March 27th?

Answer:     388

Question:   On Sunday, March 28th, you asked those at Trinity to pray and ask God to place on our hearts and minds children we could deliver Easter Baskets to; friends, neighbors, co-workers, family, strangers.  How many baskets were delivered in this way?

Answer:     80 were delivered in this way, THEN IN ADDITION


6 were delivered to children staying at the Domestic Violence Shelter by Sharon Cardwell, THEN IN ADDITION

18 were delivered to children in foster care through Vicki Homerick and her daughter Heather.

We made up baskets the next couple of days for those children under age 3 and for those over 6th grade so that all children in these homes would receive one and each contained age-appropriate gifts.

Question:   What happened with the baskets remaining in the Fellowship Hall?

Answer:     70 were delivered to New Hope for distribution to adults who are involved in their programming.  Deputy Gary Keiner (who heads up and brought the Young Explorers to help us with traffic at the Drive-Thru) looked the baskets over, commented on how nice they were, and then suggested the adults at New Hope would be delighted to receive such baskets; that many of the books and activities, etc. would be perfect for them.  We believe it was a part of God’s plan all along.  Everyone there thought it was a terrific idea, one we probably wouldn’t have thought of, but God…

Don’t you love reading the stories in the Bible of people in dire circumstances and then reading those two words, “but God”?  Hmmm, but God… 

There are many times in my life it looked as if nothing good could come of the circumstances I found myself in, but God… 

If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask.  We’d love to share with you some of the “but God” things that occurred throughout all of this.